The What:

Limoncito Goods is a slow-made, small-batch home goods studio based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Born from the anxiety of the pandemic, Limoncito Goods started at my dining room table as a way to channel the emotions that 2020 brought. Over the past two years, it has become a place of exploration, experimentation, and creativity. We focus on everyday goods that fit seamlessly into your life while infusing a dose of playfulness and fun. 

We are a multi-medium studio but work primarily with eco-resin, an eco-friendly two-part gypsum-based product. We play with colors, shapes, and textures, all in hopes of creating a product that brings warmth to your space. 

The Who:

Hi, I'm Michelle. The maker and artist behind Limoncito Goods. I am a mom, a counseling student, and a lifelong lover of messy art. 

When I am not covered in paint and gypsum, you can find me fetching snacks for my seven-year-old, chasing my two golden dogs around, or hiding in the bathroom trying to sneak read a book in a few seconds of blissful silence.

 I love all things bright and bold and have a notable weakness for objects that combine the two. I'm a sucker for a good ~aesthetic~ like the typical millennial that I am and feel strongly that everything is better when paired with a croissant, a vat of Cuban coffee, and fresh flowers. 

The How:

All of our items are handmade and designed by me. As a one woman studio that means each item gets hand casted, sanded, sealed, and packaged by me. So when we say slow made we truly mean sloooooow made and small batch. Most batches of work average around 5 pieces each so when you purchase a Limoncito Goods object you are getting something that is one of a kind and created with intention and thoughtfulness.