Things to know before you add to cart:

  • Each item is handmade and as such each item will vary slightly from the image shown. Each cast is unique so some items might have more texture or pattern than others, colors may vary slightly. We love this part of our work but we just wanted to let you know so that when you open your package you are 100% satisfied.
  • We get to work on your order as soon as possible after we get them but since we are a teeny (but mighty team) that means our working time could take up to three weeks. If you need an item by a certain pre-set date don't hesitate to reach out via email (at) limoncitogoods@gmail.com and ask us before placing your order.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Do you accept returns?

A: Our hope is that you love each object you get from Limoncitos but if for any reason that is not the case please drop us a line via email (at) limoncitogoods@gmail.com and we'll get it sorted.


Q: Do you wholesale?

A: We are such huge fans of wholesale and love working with small shops to get Limoncito goods into your space. However as a one person team this process might look like small batches of slow made goods. We are always learning how to best serve our wholesale partners while also honoring what being a handmade maker is. If you are interested in carrying Limoncitos in your shop please send us an email here and we'll reach out when we have order availability. We typically take on two wholesale orders at a time so it's best to send us a message ahead of your seasonal deadline and we can work out a date together.


Q: what material do you use for your terrazzo?

A: I use a gypsum and polymer-based two-part material called eco-resin.

My preferred brand in the USA is Aqua-Resin. Outside of the USA, a comparable brand would be Jesmonite.

Q: what does "zero waste" mean to you?

A: I try to prioritize zero and minimum waste at each step of my making process. Do I get it perfect 100% of the time? Absolutely not. Does that stop me from trying? Absolutely not. 

As a maker, I feel strongly that part of my ethical duty is to be responsible for the ways I make, the products and by effect waste that I create, and the mediums I use.

I also believe that it is my duty to be transparent about the ways I navigate waste and what eco-friendly means here. I am always striving to re-use everything I can in all mediums I work with in terrazzo which means that our aggregate is mostly from leftover pours as well as any waste getting broken back down into aggregate form for re-use.

This also means being conscious about our disposal of water residue which can carry waste due to sanding and sealing sits at the forefront of our production.

When and if we use acrylics we are also working on ways to incorporate that medium into a re-use program so that we are not creating extra waste.We put a lot of care into each of our products and create and share them with the hope that they will be meaningful to you and never just be a single-use item or something that passes as a fad.

We are always going to be doing better, learning, unlearning, and finding better and cleaner ways of work. If you ever see ways we can do better please share them with me! I am always learning.