Man oh man do we love us some wholesale over here at Limoncito's. As a retail baby aka: the kid who worked retail all through high school, college and post-grad I have such a massive respect for small business owners. Small businesses truly make our communities go round and we are so honored every time one of you reaches out and invites Limoncito's into your space.

Something we have struggled with with wholesale has been how to balance the best prices to you while also still honoring the process and labor we put into each of our goods. As such we are trying to tweak our program to find the best balance and find a way to make goods for wholesale in a way that still honors the pace of the studio. This process is constantly in flux as with all good things in life we are constantly growing and adjusting but for now this is what it looks like:

 You email us and we'll send you a wholesale order design form: from here you will choose the object shapes you would like to carry from our range of wholesale offerings and make a selection of three of our offered colors for your selected objects to be made in.

The objects will then be made by us in a combination of this color range. This way of working is in an effort to reduce waste - each time we were making an order we were having to make new chips which reduced our practice of low waste making. This new method is our attempt to bring wholesale into alignment with the rest of our making ethos which is low to zero waste whenever possible. By limiting your range to three colors it allows us to reuse the left over pours for your order and use them as the terrazzo for your objects. This eliminates the process of multiple chip creation while still allowing you some control over what colors you get in your range.

 Phew, that was a mouthful, okay if we haven't scared you away yet and you'd like to have us in shop just send us a message with your name, best email contact, and social links and we'll reach out to you as soon as we have availability.


Orders can be delivered for free within 25 miles of Charlotte, NC


Shipping available at standard rates.


*Currently Wholesale is closed until 2022

a note on Bulletin: We loved working with Bulletin last year but sadly just got really overwhelmed with the amount of orders which honestly is such a great problem to have but the downside was I am only one person so I just couldn't keep up. As such we've taken a step back from Bulletin for the time being to rework our wholesale program and streamline it before opening up to a larger platform again.