Limoncito Goods is a home and accessories brand with the goal of infusing everyday moments with joy and playfulness. Whether that be through a simple catch-all or a funky lamp for your desk the goal is that each of these small items can take a regular moment and make it feel like a ray of sun.We are a multi-medium one person studio so that means that everything is small batch and slow made.

    Oh hey. I'm so glad you're here:

    I'm Michelle. The maker and artist behind Limoncito Goods. I am a mom, a counseling student, and a lifelong lover of messy art. When I am not covered in paint and gypsum, you can find me fetching snacks for my seven-year-old, chasing my two golden dogs around, or hiding in the bathroom trying to sneak read a book in a few seconds of blissful silence.

    I love all things bright and bold and have a notable weakness for objects that combine the two. I'm a sucker for a good ~aesthetic~ like the typical millennial that I am and feel strongly that everything is better when paired with a croissant, a vat of Cuban coffee, and fresh flowers. 

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